At Frago & Lasswell P.A., we exclusively practice family law, so we have a deep familiarity with the issues you may be facing. We believe in making sure our clients fully understand their rights as well as their legal options. Depending on the specifics of your case, we will help you select a process that best addresses your goals. The three major ways for resolving your case include:

  • Mediation: Mediation is a voluntary process where the parties meet with a neutral third party to settle their case. In mediation, the mediator assists the parties with resolving their disputes in a way that makes sense for them and their families. Mediation is a confidential process that is often less expensive than going to court. Both Brad Frago and Michelle Lasswell are experienced family law mediators.
  • Collaborative Law: Collaborative law is designed to minimize conflict during a divorce or custody case. The parties and their attorneys agree to make a good faith attempt to reach a mutually acceptable settlement without going to court. At the beginning of the process husband, wife, and both attorneys sign a Participation Agreement, which requires both parties to agree to work towards a fair outcome.
  • Litigation: While many cases are resolved without court intervention, sometimes it is necessary for a judge to decide some or all of the issues in a case. Litigation is a formal process that can involve motion hearings, formal discovery, including interrogatories, request for production of documents and depositions, and court trials (without a jury).

Whichever course we take, you can trust that we will support you during the entire process and work hard to ensure that you receive an equitable outcome.

Dissolution of Marriage

We understand how overwhelming it can be to face the ending of your marriage. Suddenly, you are faced with several questions about what steps to take in order to build a new future for yourself. We can assist you with a wide range of matters pertaining to your divorce or legal separation, such as: Establishing custody and parenting time; navigating child support issues; determining spousal maintenance payments (a.k.a. alimony); negotiating the equitable division of your assets and debts; and dealing with non-marital claims.

Paternity & Unmarried Parents

It can be challenging to understand how legal matters regarding paternity or parents who are unmarried are handled. Our attorneys can help you navigate several topics, such as determining parentage, obtaining genetic testing, handling matters of recognition of parentage, establishing custody and visitation schedules, and negotiating the terms of child support arrangements

Child Custody

When it comes to your children, there are many areas where you may need to consult an experienced family law attorney to fully understand your options and your rights. Our firm can help you with matters pertaining to child custody, including establishing or enforcing third-party and grandparent custody and visitation rights, pursuing modifications of custody and parenting time orders, and other child custody issues you may be facing.

Orders for Protection

In situations where you may be dealing with a spouse or family member who is stalking or harassing you, we can help you establish various Orders for Protection, including a Harassment Restraining Order. We will work closely with you to make sure you and your loved ones are safe.

Many Ways of Resolving Your Case

During your initial appointment with the dedicated attorneys at Frago & Lasswell P.A., we will discuss the various methods that can be used to resolve your case in order to select the process that works best for you. Whether we resolve your matter through mediation, collaborative law, or litigation, we will make sure you feel supported every step of the way.

To learn more about our many family law services, schedule a free half-hour consultation with the dedicated attorneys at Frago & Lasswell P.A.

With over 30 years of combined legal experience, we are ready to serve our Northfield clients and help them achieve their goals.

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